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Gerber Validation Services

Embizon has exhaustive list of design rule check points to ensure error free design output. All features are thoroughly checked for any violations before the board is taped out.

Our complete validation process inculdes Minimum Air Gap, Minimum Trace, Open Trace/Dangling Traces, Power to ground short detection, Annular Ring Verification, Expose Trace, Fab-to-Gerber Mismatch .

Gerber Validation Highlights

Layer Comparation
Data import and DRC (Design Rule Check)
Gerber RS274D to RS274X file format conversion.
Design/Manufacturer rule checking (DRC/MRC)
Complete Gerber database validation for manufacturability.
BBT program generation as per Machine compatibility.
Rout Master program generation.
NC drill program generation & optimization.
Verification of Net-list w.r.t IPC netlist file.
PCB Penalization as per DFM/DFA requirement.