PCB Layout

Support various EDA tOOL layout


PCB Layout Design

Embizon provides complete PCB design solution to various sector/domains of the electronics industry. We are experienced in designing and detailing of 36 layer boards with high-speed SERDES and over 15,000 components. Miniature PCB design with mixed-signal design which can fit in a small tube. Our team has experience in delivering desired outputs quickly and accurately as per specifications and guidelines.

We designed complex SOM (System on Module) boards and products using various Processor like Qualcomm Q410 , Q600, Freescale, TI and other major chipsets with miniature size using HDI technology. We provide an efficient design service to our customers while taking into account all the necessary design criteria to ensure a First-Time-Right Product Design Solution. Our extensive knowledge enables the design team to deliver the product on time with cost effective solutions.

PCB Layout Highlights

High speed digital, Analog, mixed Digital/Analog, RF designs.
Impedance controlled Designs with 50E, 75E, 60E, 45E, 90E and 100E Stack-up and material selection.
High Layer count (36 layers), Ultra High density designs.
FP creation as per IPC7351 (A,B and C) including if any customer specifications standards.
High speed interconnects: 10 Gbps.
Critical and associated Components placement.
Multiple Fine pitch BGA (0.4 mm) of high pin count (1136).
Designs with Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias and backdrill.
Routing and Length matching of critical signals.
Generating Length reports of signals.
Gerber Setting and Fab, Assembly output Generation in 274X and ODB++ Format
Penalization or board array configuration with maximum usages.