Reverse engineering

Support Re-engineering for PCB Layout and assembled PCB


PCB Reverse Engineering

Embizon has capable of providing services in terms of reverse engineering. Just need email us:

We deliver Re-engineered PCB assembly preserving its original functionality. Based on our extensive background in PCB design engineering. We re-design modified PCBs by improving design parameters like, increase performance, reduce lifecycle costs as part of the reverse engineering process. We use up-todate components and techniques to improve operations, maintenance, and support.

What the PCB reverse engineering service delivers

Schematic diagrams and ORCAD DSN files, including all on-board point-to-point wiring diagrams
Bill of materials listing all components.
Parts Cross Reference and Obsolete components
Gerber files to intelligent CAD data conversion
PDF files for all schematics,PCB layouts, each separate layer, drill files, solder masks, and dimensions.
Optional: Individual data sheets on each component where available.
Optional: A fully functional prototype PCB assembled with all components as-specified for testing and evaluation.